Laughing at the Devil


For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to abandoned buildings.  I never knew why, until I started this project.  In my town and the one directly next to it, there are maybe half a dozen abandoned factories.  In fact the area has been renamed "Hat City" by its new "artistic" residents, because it all the old millinery factories.

One of the goals of this blog is to capture meaningful images of my hometown before everything changes.  My neighborhood, like so many lower income residencies, is in the midst of gentrification.  In so many ways, I feel as though many spaces are already unrecognizable.  And I want to capture what I know before it is all gone.

These factories have been abandoned long before my mother moved here well over thirty years ago.  I think in a weird way, I have began to associate decay and dilapidation with a sense of comfort and familiarity--with a sense of home.  I also think of all the stories these walls hold and how no one is around to tell them anymore.  And quite frankly, that so few people actually want to hear them.  

 Photo Credit: Steven Trotman



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