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Traveling Strange
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Traveling Strange


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There are some places that you end up rather by accident. For spring break my roommate asked me to join her in the Canary Islands and in Mallorca. I knew very little about either place, but after a trying winter in Madrid, I was eager to spend some time on the beach.

However, as our plans evolved, I began to have second thoughts. While the idea of island hopping was somewhat intriguing, I always like to pretend to be richer than I am, it also seems a bit excessive. I didn't want to spend all this time in Spain without visiting Andalusia. 



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The Worrywart's guide to Couchsurfing...  

One of the best things about being a prolific traveler is meeting new people.  On a surface level, you can spend an evening, afternoon or week with a stranger. All the while, exchanging recipes, comparing accents and detailing different experiences compiled while traversing the globe.


Trying my best to make sustainable fashion choices. I am documenting my journey here.


(All) Black lives matter (to their loved ones) 

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