Don't be afraid to be a don't...

I didn't really read a lot of mainstream fashion magazines when I was a child, but one I came across regularly was Glamour and their famous dos and don'ts.  However, Betsey Johnson took over the feature once and encouraged women with this advice: Don't be afraid to be a don't.  These simple words stuck with me as a reminder that sometimes, you don't always get it right. 

Again, I threw this whole thing together in about 5 seconds.  The blue head wrap is something of a signature, but it doesn't really coordinate with the rest of the outfit. Ideally, I would have gone with white.  I also would have preferred a different necklace and lighter or nude toned shoes.

Also, nearly everything I'm wearing is oversized.  At some point, I plan on getting the jacket and the t-shirt tailored, but for now, I'll just enjoy everything.  It will serve as a reminder that in life you don't always get it right...and that's alright.

 Photo Credit: Steven Trotman



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