The Point of It All...

I won't say much here, because the victim has chosen to speak for themselves.  But I would like to reiterate how imperative it is that we pay attention to the voices of the most vulnerable--the most marginalized in this world.

And I would also like to reinforce how important it is that we make visible the people who are making the clothes, accessories and technologies that we take for granted.  These are REAL people, with real lives that are being abused and oppressed.  Don't turn a blind eye to their suffering, especially now that they have put it in writing.

Disclosed below are links to two articles describing a note written found inside a purse purchased from a Walmart in Arizona.  The writer of the note claims to be a prisoner who is forced to work for up to 14 hours a day.  They claim that when work goes unfinished, the workers are beaten.

This cannot and should not stand in today's society.  Let's not stand for business as usual.

Wake Up!

Links to articles:

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