Sometimes, you find something, and immediately come up with a million idea of how to style it. As was such with this dress, which was amazing because it isn't a dress. It is actually just a long cardigan/jacket thing. 

I love versatility in my clothing. Especially living in Spain, where the temperature can fluctuate a smooth ten degrees in a matter of seconds. Also, I feel that the more versatile your clothing is, the less disposable they are. According to

this article in the Huffington Post, 85% of the clothing bought in North America ends up in a landfill. 

No bueno, people. 

Let's make a new rule, if you can't think of at least three ways to style/wear a potential purchase, leave it on the shelf. You'll be saving a few bucks and helping the environment in the process.  

Reduce, Reuse, Be Stylish :)

These photos makes me think of Terry McMillan for some reason. #blackwomenwriters

Thrifted cardigan/jacket/dress, belt and bag.

Photo credit: Sam Maurer

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