Well Worn

This coat, this coat.  I've had it for a few years now.  I found it in a thrift store after years of searching for an 80s style cape coat.  I never found one, but this beautiful swing coat has sufficed over the last couple of winters.  I've loved it so much that it has worn through the lining.  But no matter, I'll soon replace it and keep it moving.  And for now, I'll continue to enjoy it.

I paired the coat with a bunch of thrifted items.  Including this blue wool sweater with red piping (get into those shoulder details. They are puffy. They are every thing.)  And my beloved "scotch tape" Jones New York pants. I finished it with hidden platform patent leather shoes and a crescent moon necklace.  I'm generally not into primary colors, especially not when they are mixed together, but the end result is a super saturated color dream.

 Photo Credit: Steven Trotman

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