Yale_Meets_World: Meet Your Instagram Bestie

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It is a well known fact that actress Tracee Ellis Ross is everyone’s ideal best friend. Her bright bubbly personality, adept sense of fashion and down to earth demeanor makes it seems like you already know and love her. Well, on Instagram there is another girl who is vying to steal all our hearts. She has lived so many lives that she puts cats to shame, has dozens of stamps in her passport and a thousand stories collected in between them. What’s her handle? YaleMeetsWorld, of course.


This New York city babe has been traversing the globe nonstop since February and she seems to have no plans of slowing down. And while you were braving winter or suffering through work, she has been hitting up nearly half of the countries on your bucket list. From Egypt to Turkey, Namibia and Cuba, she’s been there, had a few drinks and taken the pictures to prove it. And she does this all solo—save for the thousand plus Instagram followers who are tracking her on her journey.

Like Tracee, Yale's bubbly personality jumps of the screen, much like the vibrantly colored clothes she dons in her photos. And in place of Tracee’s Couture, Yale’s serves you world monuments and exotic city scapes. Stare at your phone long enough and you might just end up calling in sick and booking your tickets to Egypt for the next day.

Suffice it to say, it is easy to become addicted to her feed. But unlike many other Instagramers who are living their best lives, you will leave Yale’s feed feeling inspired to live your own life more fully—not exchange it in for a different one.

So, if you are looking at add some color and a sense of adventure in between the selfies and thirst traps, be sure to follow along Yale’s journey. You just might find that you’ll be inspired to buy that ticket and trot around the globe yourself. You’ll be in good company because your new Instagram Bestie has already paved the way!

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